More than a resource: A virtuous cycle.

We develop and produce sustainable biopolymer compounds made from plant-based renewable resources. As a world leader in fully biodegradable materials, our GMO-free and plasticiser-free products return to their source to complete the natural life cycle that ends where it begins.

Facts and figures

As leaders in the biopolymer industry, we’re proud of how far we’ve come and the products that we’ve made possible. A few facts about our company:

Installed capacity:
60,000 t/a
Potential capacity:
100,000 t/a
Employees as of 2022:
Growth of the company in past 5 years:

Part of the biological cycle

The cycle of nature is the best possible recycling system we can have. Making advanced biopolymer compounds for products that live in that cycle is our goal. And by diverting biomass waste to composting, we’re able to greatly reduce the CO2 footprint.

  1. Growing non-food GMO-free crops to harvest their starch and sugars for our biopolymer compounds.
  2. Refinement of starches and sugars for their use as a raw material in further processing.
  3. Processing of natural biopolymer compounds into granules for converters.
  4. Conversion of biopolymer compounds into a variety of finished goods.
  5. The used goods are returned to the natural cycle through home and industrial composting.
  6. The compost is used to grow new crops and the regenerative cycle begins anew.
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Our commitment to the climate is a foundation for our company, our products, and our philosophy. It guides our plans and our decisions – and it starts here at home.

Climate-neutral electricity to run both our offices and our production facilities

Employees travel with train whenever possible and are provided with company bicycles

Plans in progress for alternative and renewable energy sources e.g., installation of solar panels

Associations & Partners

We believe that cooperation and collaboration in the industry will ensure the future of advanced biopolymer compounds by innovating new resources by concepts for the circular economy. For this reason, Biotec acts as a transformative force and an educational leader within the industry.

  • Asso­bioplastiche
  • Holland Bioplastics
  • Verbund kompos­tierbare Produkte e.V.
  • European Bioplastics e.V.
  • IK – Industrie­vereinigung Kunst­stoff­verpackungen e.V.
  • kunststoffland NRW e.V.
  • Förderverein Hochschule Rhein-Waal e.V., Kleve

Our Services

At Biotec, we offer a broad range of materials and services that enable our customers to create solutions using biodegradable and compostable biopolymer compounds for their products.

Product Innovation

Using our range of smart solutions and extensive knowledge, our highly qualified specialists work closely with customers on the development of new products.

Now we want to hear from you

Interested in biopolymer solutions and how they’re shaping tomorrow’s products? We’re here to discuss the possibilities with you.

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