Bioplast400 DBioplast 400 D

Product facts

  • Plasticiser free
  • GMO free
  • Industrial composting
  • Home composting

Bioplast 400 D is an advanced starch-based biopolymer compound suitable for blown film extrusion applications, particularly ultra-light weight films with a thickness of approximately 10 μm, which makes it particularly good for making bags. It offers slightly more rigidity than other BIOPLAST flexible grades and is a PHA-containing grade. Because of these mechanical properties, it can also be used as a core layer in a multi-layer film.


  • Offers slightly more rigidity than other Bioplast flexible grades

  • Suitable for mailing films

  • PHA containing grade

42 %
Bio-based carbon content

Features at a glance

General Applications

Bioplast 400 D is a versatile plant-based biopolymer with many applications. Here are some of the blown film applications:

  • Ultra-light single-use bags

  • Single-use bags

  • Multi-use bags

  • Technical films

  • Mailing films


Bio-based carbon share42 %
MFR (190 °C, 5 kg)6,0 g/10 min
End of life solutionsIndustrial composting, Home composting
Max. thickness (OK compost INDUSTRIAL)85 µm
Max. thickness (OK compost HOME)30 µm
Recommended processing methodsBlown film extrusion
Further treatmentColourable, Printable, Sealable
Polymer baseStarch based
CertificationOK compost INDUSTRIAL, OK compost HOME