Bioplast500 ABioplast 500 A

Product facts

  • Plasticiser free
  • GMO free
  • Industrial composting
  • Home composting

Bioplast 500 A is an advanced starch-based biopolymer compound for flexible application with a high bio-based content of more than 50%. Additionally, this grade features an improved tensile strength for grades with a bio-based content share of more than 50%.


  • High biobased content (57 %)

  • Improved tensile strength

  • Can be combined with other materials to achieve 50 % BBC

57 %
Bio-based carbon content

Features at a glance

General applications

Bioplast 500 A is a versatile plant-based biopolymer with many applications. Here are some of the blown film applications:

  • Ultra-light single-use bags

  • Single-use bags

  • Multi-use bags

  • Technical films


Bio-based carbon share57 %
MFR (190 °C, 5 kg)3,3 g/10 min
End of life solutionsIndustrial composting, Home composting
Max. thickness (OK compost INDUSTRIAL)250 µm
Max. thickness (OK compost HOME)37 µm
Recommended processing methodsBlown film extrusion
Further treatmentColourable, Printable, Sealable
Polymer baseStarch based
CertificationOK compost INDUSTRIAL, OK compost HOME