Bioplast610 Bioplast 610

Product facts

  • Plasticiser free
  • GMO free
  • Industrial composting

Bioplast 610 is an advanced starch-based biopolymer compound for flexible application with high bio-based content. This grade was specially developed to comply with national regulations in Italy and features a nice balance in properties during processing.


  • High BBC

  • Nice balance in properties during processing.

  • Higher viscosity than Bioplast 660

61 %
Bio-based carbon content

Features at a glance

General applications

Bioplast 610 is a versatile plant-based biopolymer with many applications. Here are some of the blown film applications:

  • Ultra-light single-use bags

  • Single-use bags

  • Multi-use bags

  • Technical films


Bio-based carbon share61 %
MFR (190 °C, 5 kg)3,5 g/10 min
End of life solutionsIndustrial composting
Max. thickness (OK compost INDUSTRIAL)94 µm
Recommended processing methodsBlown film extrusion
Further treatmentColourable, Printable, Sealable
Polymer baseStarch based
CertificationOK compost INDUSTRIAL